STD Dating Apps- Choosing the Best for Candid Dating Moments

STD dating Apps plays a significant role in bringing together like-minded individuals. Such dating apps have brought dating close and candid. Most singles people globally have embraced the beauty of using dating sites. If you have an STD, we have various dating that caters explicitly to that niche. We have over 20 STD dating sites in existence. Hence, it’s hard to tell the most suitable one for your needs. The process becomes tedious and time-consuming.  Let’s explore more on STD dating apps.

The STD apps

Most of the STD apps for herpes have been in the market for less than two years. Even PositiveSingles, which is the largest STD dating app, started three years ago. The market has both IOS and Android apps. Downloading apps takes less than thirty minutes. After installing it on your phone, create a profile as you figure on ways to navigate its feature. However, before you choose an app, you need to check out its review. The online report provides detailed information that makes it easy to select the best. Most of the dating apps for STD individuals offer their members with a safe dating environment.

What to focus on when choosing 

Before joining any dating app, you need to verify your safety is secured. However, you need also to check out the following points

The user base size

The user base acts as an essential point when choosing your dating app. It also applies to date websites. Dating apps like PositiveSingles has a version of its established dating website. The site has a large user base since it has been in the market for decades. Since the debuted of the app, it has enjoyed an enormous user base. Signing up for such an app helps you find STD positive individuals around your area code. MPWH app also carters exclusively for an STD like herpes.

Moreover, you can get other types of apps that don’t have direct websites. You can find them at Play Store or iTunes. Such types of the app have been in the market for less than two years. However, they don’t have a large user base. Most of the members come from major metro areas, making the odds of getting some from your area slim. It’s advisable to look for apps that have a secure dating website.

Great reviews and a good reputation

When looking for a dating app that caters exclusively for STD individuals. Look for one with an excellent reputation. Remember, your safety comes first since you are putting some of your health information online. Avoid apps that may sell your personal information to third parties. It happens. Such leaked information brings scammers. They sell unauthorized and shady treatments to your email. Having a leaked profile to the outside world may lead to a life disaster.

To know and understand the background information for a particular app, check out its reviews. You can ask the various STD support groups or forms the best app to join. Nevertheless, doing diligent research helps you to prevent future disasters. It’s advisable to use website based apps since you can get firsthand reviews online.

Choose a Strong App

Choose a robust app that can survive the competition. STD dating provides a small niche within a vast internet dating world. More startup companies are getting into niche dating target STD positive individuals. The capital and software to start such a dating app have a relatively small initial cost.

Moreover, every month, Google play store and iTunes stores have tons of new STD apps. At the same time, some old apps disappear, leaving their members disappointed. To avoid such pitfalls, sigh up with apps that have over two year’s online presence.  Additionally, look for apps that have frequent updates. They should have at least three new and updated versions each year.

Exploring the Top Two dating Apps 

std dating appThe PositiveSingles App

The PositiveSingles boasts of having active members base and easy to use navigation platform. Additionally, the app has unique features and high popularity. It has both IOS and Android version. The Positive Singles website and app caters for people with STD. And it has over 16years of online presence since its conception. In the year 2014, the site launched its app, providing the members with a unique dating experience. Moreover, the app acts as a user-friendly and convenient way to access the website. You can access Positive Singles as a website on your mobile devices and PCs. The huge user base makes the app the best in the STD dating niche world. Other noteworthy pros include

  • Lots of easy to use communication tools. It has chat rooms, blogs, and moments.
  • Its have people from every corner in the world
  • The profiles get manually reviewed by the quality control team

std dating sites The MPWH App

The dating app has a vibrant mobile platform for both IOS and Android users. It caters specifically to people with herpes. Moreover, it provides a clear-cut environment that makes dating fun and pleasurable. The MPWH app has got a skilled and fast development and marketing team. It has excellent reviews on both app stores and significant search engines.  Moreover, the app has friendly and easy to use features. Such features include a Spark section. The spark section enables users to find others who closely match their profile. The app has a significant user base. Making it easy to find someone with your locality or globally. Other notable pros of MPWH include

  • A robust quality control team that reviews the profile manually
  • Lots of technology tools that protect your privacy. Such tools enable you to make private albums. Also, you can hide your profile to general members and open to selected members.

The above STD dating apps have a corresponding traditional website.  Don’t let your STD condition prevent you from enjoying life. With apps within your reach, sign up to one today and find a soul mate. Remember such an app provides a safe dating environment free from hackers. Also, they have educative information that keeps you informed. Lastly, they provide a dating experience free from discrimination and ill-treatment.