Sex Life with Herpes: Updated 2019 guidelines

For individuals living with STD, sex life with herpes may become nervous tensioning and hectic. But with proper guidance and protection, a couple can enjoy their sex life.  Regardless of whether it’s one partner infected or both, protecting the spread of the virus is the key to having decent sex.

How Herpes is transmitted

According to various studies, it doesn’t matter sexual activities style whether anal sex, oral sex, or vagina sex. It’s easy to get infected with herpes since the infection happens through skin to skin.  Sex with an individual with herpes sores can get infected through sores, a wound, and other skin penetrations. Also, for individuals with sexually transmitted infections, the chances of getting infected become higher. Moreover, you can get herpes through the body membranes.

Sex life with herpes is possible when you understand how herpes is transmitted. We have two types of herpes the HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both kinds of herpes make sores to pop out around the vagina, vulva, anus, cervix, scrotum, and penis. Other areas include inner thighs, butt, throat, mouth, lips, and rarely in the eyes.

Herpes spread when the infected areas get contact with your skin, often during oral sex, kissing, anal sex and vagina sex. After the infection, it causes outbreaks of painful, itchy sores or blisters that come and go. However, many infected individuals don’t know its herpes and mistake it for something else. It hence increases the risk of spread herpes. Remember you can even spread herpes even without having symptoms or sores.

Understanding Types of Herpes

HSV-1 type causes oral herpes while the HSV-2 causes genital herpes with each strain living in its favorite area. However, an individual may get infected by both herpes simplex and in either place. For example, if you have oral sex with someone with HSV-1, your genital may get infected. And when you have oral sex with someone with HSV-2 you can get it on your mouth.

HSV-2 or HSV-1 may affect areas on and around your genital areas like scrotum, anus, and vagina.  Other areas include the vulva, butt, cervix, and inner thighs hence causing genital herpes. But when you either HSV-2 or HSV-1 either or around your mouth, lips and throat you have oral herpes. Sometimes the oral herpes sores go by the name fever blister or cold sores.

Sign of Herpes breakout

To enjoy a sex life with herpes, you need to understand the type of symptoms that occurs in your body. For some people, the most common symptom is sores on the mouth or genitals. However, different people exhibit different symptoms. For genital herpes, the most common symptoms are painful and itchy blisters. Such symptoms affect your vulva, penis, cervix, vagina, anus, inside your thighs and butt. The blisters usually break into sores.

Additionally, you may experience trouble when peeing due to swelling and sores blocking the urethra. Other symptoms include itching and pain on your genitals.  In case you get such symptoms to avoid having sexual intimacy.

For oral herpes, you may get sores on lips or around the mouth which pop up for a few weeks and then disappear on their own.

Zero herpes Symptoms

Sometimes your partner may not have visible herpes symptoms, or they become very mild.  During the initial herpes outbreak, the symptoms may become severe, but as time proceeds they seize. Taking medication, proper diet, and lifestyle may lead to zero symptoms hence a safe zone. However, you may get frequent itchy which should not affect your sexual life.

How to deal with herpes

Being herpes positive may lead to stress. But focusing on various issues that include your lifestyle and diet may minimize symptoms. Additionally, having herpes may affect your self-confidence, especially when dating. Joining herpes dating sites which accommodate individuals with the same mindset may lift your self-esteem.

Additionally, communicate with your partner on your fear and symptoms to prevent infecting him or her. Joining various herpes support groups with like-minded people gives you hope. And maintain your mental well-being is vital. Going for counseling and meeting with professional psychotherapists gives you the courage to face life.

Nutrition and lifestyle play a crucial role in improving your herpes symptoms. Eating balanced diet meals and food rich in amino acids keeps your body fully functional. Make chocolate part of your snacks.

Medication and cure

Herpes has no cure, but it’s easily manageable by taking medicines like Zovirax, Famvir, and Valtrex. But for the severe cases, patients are treated using the intravenous drug acyclovir.  Herpes drug therapy helps to reduce the duration of symptoms and its severity hence making your life easy that includes engaging in sexual activities.  Keep in mind that with HSV-1 you get cold sores and genital infections making it easy to infect your partner.

Once a positive herpes individual reaches zero free symptoms, it’s not time to enjoy but to be cautious.  Remember, it’s easy to contact STD regardless of your symptoms levels.

Using of Protection during Sex

Sex keeps an individual young, energetic, and beautiful. However, using protection like condom plays a crucial role in preventing the spreading of herpes. Communicating with your partner the reason you need to use condom enables them to understand your condition. During symptoms, break keep off from any sexual engagement.

Having Sex without Protection

The beauty of sex comes from having direct body contact. But when you have herpes infection, it may be hard for both parties. However, having unprotected sex becomes possible when your partner understands your condition.  Additionally, avoid having sex during herpes outbreaks and always have suppressive therapy to control your symptoms.

Disposing of the Protective Latex

Using protective latex condom has reduced the rate of herpes infection by over 30% according to recent studies. Using condoms may be hectic, but the same applies disposing of them after the act. Proper disposing of condoms plays a crucial role in preventing prevention to other people who come into contact with it. If possible, burn the condom or use other safe disposable measures.

Enjoying sex life with herpes becomes possible when you understand the importance of protecting your partner and yourself. Taking your medication correctly, avoid being stressed, and embrace your condition. Remember being herpes positive doesn’t mean blocking your happiness. Enjoy life and play it safe.

There are many ways to get your sex life back to normal even having Herpes. Do a bit of research and you will be fine.

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