Herpes is one of the most well-known STD in the world. So what happens if you get herpes infects? When a party has the virus and the others don’t when they have sexual activities the virus spreads. So how we still have a decent sex life with Herpes?

Does It Matter How I Got Infected By Herpes

It doesn’t matter how you have the sex – anal sex or vaginal sex, you will still get herpes sores. You can get it by a wound, a sore or other condition through skin penetration. If you already have STI (sexually transmitted infection), the risk of you getting Herpes later is higher. Herpes can also go through the membranes of the body.

No Cure For Herpes

There is no cure for this disease but you will tend to spread it less to others over the years. Yet, you can still pass it to your sexual partner. One example is HSV-1 – that will give you cold sores – as well as genital infections. Some Herpes is not passed through sexual intercourse– a playmate could have given it to you.

How Do Herpes Transmit

Nonetheless, if you get genital herpes, it is for life. Yet, even with Herpes, you can still have safe sex. Your goals would be to know how a Herpes outbreak is like, and also how to curb it. So first, you need to know whether you have Herpes. You also need to find out which type of Herpes you have. Genital herpes type II has the highest risk of transmission. Oral sex also transmits oral herpes to another party.

 What Type of Herpes Am I

After knowing the type of herpes you have, you can get your sex life back. To get your sex life back, you need to be symptom-free. During the outbreak, you can’t protect your partner or have sex. You should also take care of the infected area. Many people that have Herpes also can tell the early signs of an upcoming outbreak.

 Signs Of Herpes Outbreak

There are many signs that Herpes victims experience. Every individual will show different signs. Some have fatigue or fever, it varies on individuals. Unfortunately, you will need to go through many outbreaks to learn from when will it strike. Yet, there is a solution I found out for you.

 Zero Free Herpes Symptoms

Herpes outbreak the most during the first year. You need to watch out for your body for these symptoms. If the signs start, you have to halt it immediately. Yet, you might get many errors at first, but you must persevere. Once you reach zero free symptoms, you are in a safe zone. You might feel itchy as well, but it shouldn’t affect your sex life and sexual health too.

 Methods In Dealing With Herpes

First, you should stop worrying. Focusing on the Herpes issue will not help you to overcome, it will only worsen it. In other ways, Herpes becomes a disease that will affect you mentally. Soon you will start having problems with relationships and lack of self-confidence. Sometimes you fear that you might spread the disease to your partner. You will need to join a forum or help group to maintain your mental well-being. Don’t let it bring you down. You will need a professional psychotherapist that will guide you mentally and. Life isn’t that bad at all.

 Eating Proper Meals

Next, you need to eat proper food. You will need food rich in alkaline as well as amino acids. Try eating chocolate. Eating special food is the last precaution to make. The suppressive medicine suits for most Herpes victims, and it is the most popular one too. The medicine will prevent the STD outbreaks but it also has some side-effects.

Zero Free Symptoms May Still Send STD

Unfortunately, getting rid of the symptoms of genital herpes is not going to be enough. There are other ways to send Herpes to the other person even if you have zero free symptoms. There are many cases that someone had passed on STD to another person without knowing they have STD. , by paying attention to an upcoming Herpes outbreak you can overcome it.

Having Sex With Herpes Without Condoms

People with Herpes have different sex behaviors and sex life. You will need someone who can accept you right away – with your Herpes and sex life. You will need a sex partner that understands your STD. Yet, it is important for you to tell the other person that you have Herpes before having sex with them. This applies especially to new sex partners. You must let your partner decide on whether they accept the condition or not.

Both Parties Having Sex With Herpes Without Using Protection

If your partner accepts your condition, the risk of your partner getting Herpes from you is lower. If both of you can control your desires and do not have sex at the first signs of getting Herpes outbreak. You will need to take suppressive therapy to control your Herpes. Experts state that people who do not know they have STD are those that send it to others without knowing.

Must I Throw The Condom Away

One of the biggest issues of having Herpes is having to use Latex condoms. A study has shown that the use of condoms has made the rates of Herpes transmission go down by 30%. After a couple of years in the relationship, the guy might get tired of using condoms. This can be a hazard, and the other sex partner might get Herpes during sex. Yet, if both parties don’t want to use condoms, both parties need to make a decision. But as both of you make the decision, the outcome is the responsibility to be borne. This yet is not advisable in new relationships.

There are many ways to get your sex life back to normal even having Herpes. Do a bit of research and you will be fine.

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