Being diagnosed with herpes may be stressing and especially when you want to join the dating world. However, since the inception of the internet, various herpes dating sites have emerged. With the two most notable ones being Positive Singes and MPWH.  But they are also very distinct in their ways hence the need to explore more about MPWH vs Positive Singles.

MPWH Overview

MPWH (Meeting People With Herpes) prides in being the best herpes site that brings open-minded herpes singles together to mingle and love each other. The primary purpose of this site is providing you with a safe dating environment free from discrimination and fear.  For most people, the process of signing up at MPWH dating platforms is direct and straightforward. Moreover, the dating website boasts of having the best navigating tools that ensure you enjoy your registration process. In fact, during the registration process, you need to click on sign up button fill in your details, and you are good to start. Create a killer profile by filling more information about yourself on the “about me” section.

The Prices

MPHW site provides its users with five packages. You may opt to join the free and standard package for limited features or subscribe to paid plans for advanced features. If you decide to join the paying programs, you may choose from the following gold membership’s packagesmpwh vs positive singles

  • One month -$19.95
  • 3 months- $39.95
  • 6 months-$59.95
  • 12 months- $79.95

Remember you may deregister from the paid package anytime you want and before the next month’s payment.

Unique Features

The most attention-grabbing and exceptional features that MPWH boasts of include

Let’s meet

Let’s meet boasts in being the most sought-after feature on this herpes dating community, and it provides members with gender, age, and location on other users. Additionally, it encourages the user to upload different photos to continue enjoying swiping. The Tinder-style matching elements make it easy to meet your potential partner by checking out their photos. Also, it provides the perfect way to meet others with the same mutual interest. Lastly, it’s an easy way to scroll through the different profiles finding your potential match.

Latest Activities

Latest activities help the members to know more about others by checking out their profiles. Also, it enables you to check out things like the last login, the most recent uploaded photos, and the newest profile check. Furthermore, the features let you know the perfect time to interact and say hello to your potential partner.

Positive Singles overview

Positive Singles began 2001, and it boasts of being the most highlighted STD dating sites online ranking on top of Google pages. Joining the site is free, straightforward.

Additionally, it has a user-friendly platform with numerous features that charm the members. Moreover, the site prides in being able to connect people looking for lovers, friends and life partners without discrimination. Positive Singles provides the users with the unique support that keeps you feeling wanted and appreciated. Furthermore, the signup process just like MPWH is faster since the site has an easy to navigate platform.

The Prices

Positive Singles provides hsv singles with a chance to choose from an array of membership starting with the free standard that has a fundamental feature. Additionally, you may opt to enjoy more advanced functionality by selecting the paid plans that include the following packagesmpwh vs positive singles

  • 1 month-$29.95
  • 3 months-$59.95
  • 6 months-$ 95.95

Just like its counterpart MPWH herpes dating site, Positive singles gives its members a chance to select their paid package. Also, you may unsubscribe from the plan anytime.

Unique Features

Positive Singles boasts of having some notable feature that is enticing and welcoming. They include

Live Dating Advisor

Live Dating Advisor prides in being an exclusive element that provides members with two ways of contacting for support. Members may opt to use email or live chat to ask for dating tips from the customer service center.

Let’s meet

Lets Meet is a spark quick matching and fun game that keeps the members active on the site. The features work in simple and yet alluring way by swiping either right or left on a profile to demonstrate their feelings. Swiping on the left indicates your disinterest on the person.  While swiping on the right means, you feel the individual and would love to have a tête-à-tête. The other member reciprocates by allowing you to become their mutual match. Enjoy dating life and make the perfect meet.

Successful Dating Advice

Dating is fun but more enjoyable when given dating advice. At Positive singles, the successful dating advice prepares you to approach your dating game with confidence and fun. The given advice may range from offline dating, site notifications, sexual health, and profile settings. Additionally, it gives you tips to ice-break a conversation. And the inspirational stories enable you to push on to find the perfect love. Check out the inspirational stories and learn how other members have embraced their condition and managed to live happily. Also, you may choose to inspire others with your live account.

Help Others Like You

The category enables users to provide offline and online helps to non-members by giving information about the site. The members print out blogs and forums with the site information recommending people with STDs to join and enjoy exclusive dating services. Also, they may promote the site through social media. Each month a winner with 1000 new followers receives a one month paid membership on gold plan.

Here is the topic of MPWH vs Positive Singles on Justherpes.

Comparing MPWH vs Positive Singles may prove hard since the two are great dating sites for people with herpes with an outstanding and attractive feature. The characteristics cater to the happiness of positive herpes individuals. However, according to the above reviews positive singles has a more dominant feature that makes the whole dating process pleasurable. Additionally, positive singles have educative materials that keep the members more educated on various health and life matters. And the chat rooms make the method of connecting with other members more weighty. Lastly, the beauty of features portrayed on MPWH and Positive Singles makes herpes dating a winning race.




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