MPWH vs Positive Singles

MPWH vs Positive Singles prides in being two herpes dating sites that have dominated the dating world. Being herpes positive may become stressful mostly on the individual private life.  Many herpes individuals have shun-out from their love life for fear of being discriminated. But the online dating world has created niche sites that provide dating without a doubt. With the two most dominating site having millions of registered and active members. Let’s check out on MPWH vs Positive Singles distinct feature that caters to their members in a unique manner.

MPWH Overview

MPWH (Meeting People With Herpes) has opened its doors to singles living with herpes with the aim of providing them a secure dating experience. It gives open-minded herpes singles a chance to mingle and create a relationship. The primary site duty is providing each of its members with a safer dating environment. Free from world fear and discrimination.

Additionally, the process of registering as an active member proves to be straightforward and direct. Moreover, MPWH boasts of having simple and best navigating tools. When creating your profile, start by clicking the signup button, the fill up your details and attach your best photo. Besides, navigate to the “about me “section and put more information and an eye-catching profile.

The Prices of MPWH

MPWH herpes dating site provides you with five packages for the users to choose. However, you may decide to join the standard and free plans, but you will enjoy limited features. But to enjoy more elaborated and advanced features join the subscribed to paid plans. For the paid plans, you may join using debit/credit cards or PayPal. MPWH paid plans includes:

mpwh vs positive singles

  • One month -$19.95
  • 3 months- $39.95
  • 6 months-$59.95
  • 12 months- $79.95

Remember you can deregister from the paid packages by canceling your payment option.

Notable Features of MPWH

The most striking features for this exclusive dating site includes

Let’s Meet

The let’s meet function provides members with the ability to include details like location, age, and gender on the other user. It’s the most sought-after feature since it helps the members to connect easily. Also, it enables members to upload various interesting photos for them to continue enjoying swiping.  It’s a Tinder matching style that allows the users to meet their potential partners by checking out photos. Additionally, the feature enables people of the same location, age, and with same mutual interest to connect faster. Lastly, Lets meet provides you with a quicker way to scroll down through numerous profiles and find your potential match.

Latest Activities

The latest activities features enable the members to check out profiles of actively involved users. You can check the last login, newest profile, uploaded photos and others. Using the latest activities feature enables you to know the perfect time to interact and chat with your potential partner.

Positive Singles Dating Site Overview

Positive Singles has dominated the STD dating platform for decades since it began its operation in 2001. It’s a high ranking site with millions of active members, tops on Google search page and it’s free to join. It has a straightforward signing up process.

Moreover, the site boasts of having an easy to operate platform with charming and easy to use features. The website connects open-minded people looking for friends, lovers, and life partner without any prejudice. Additionally, it provides members with unique support that makes them feel loved and appreciated. Lastly, it has an easy to navigate platform with a signup process that’s faster and secure.

The Prices of Positive Singles

Positive Singles has different paid membership for the members to choose the most appropriate one to fulfill their needs.  The free membership has limited features, while the paid has various charming features that make dating life easy. Moreover choosing the paid plans gives you advanced functionality where affordability meets connection. The site boasts of having secure payment options like credit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank check. The plans include:

mpwh vs positive singles

  • 1 month-$29.95
  • 3 months-$59.95
  • 6 months-$ 95.95

However, like its counterpart Mpwh, positive singles provides you with an easy way to discontinue your membership plans.

Unique Features

Positive Singles have a notable feature that makes your dating life more enticing and enjoyable. And they include:

Live Dating Advisory

Live dating advisor gives you much need attention, education, and support as you seek a life partner.  Positive Singles with two ways of getting in touch with assistance. You can use live chat or email. Feel free to ask a question and fulfill your dating desires.

Let’s Meet

Let’s meet plays a crucial role in providing a spark quick matching system. It’s a fun game that keeps members active and engaged on the site.  It works merely by swiping either left or right to demonstrate your feelings on another member profile. Let’s meet provides an alluring way of connecting. The left swiping indicates your heartfelt disinterest in a particular person. While the right swiping means your liking and love to engage in a tête-à-tête with a specific person. Additionally, the other members have a chance to reciprocate your feelings by allowing you to connect and create a mutual match.

Successful Dating Site Advice

Dating becomes more natural and enjoyable when you receive accurate tips on how to connect with others. At Positive Singles, they pride in having successful dating advice. The advice prepares members on ways to approach the dating game with fun and confidence.  It advises on how to create alluring profiles, education materials on sexual health, and offline dating tips. Additionally, the inspirational stories of how to overcome your condition and live happily give hope.

Help others like you

The feature provides benefits to both online and offline non-members living with the same condition. The educative forums and blogs from the site give hope to others looking for STDs sites to join. Also, through their active social media handle the site provides exclusive ways to enjoy their dating services.

Here is the topic of MPWH vs Positive Singles on Justherpes.

Comparing the two notable dating sites, MPWH vs Positive Singles may be hard. But they both provide enjoyable dating experiences. Additionally, they have an array of outstanding feature that makes dating life easy. Moreover, they characteristically cater to the desire and happiness of individual living with herpes.

According to various reviews, online Positive Singles dominate the number one position. Providing its members with educative materials on their love, life, and health matters makes the site more pleasurable. And the live chartrooms makes it easy to reach the customer service for advice and support. The beauty of both Positive Singles and MPWH is their ability to make herpes positive individual complete their love life race.




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