How to meet people with herpes is a big and tricky question for positive singles globally.  However, meeting the right partner depend on various factors with security being the vital key. Dating is enjoyable and fun. But finding that one person to share the happiness may prove daunting. The demand of meeting that one partner whom you share the same status may prove adventurous.  With the following ways, you can quickly build a successful relationship. Let’s explore more on reaching new people with stis

Online Dating

The online dating world is full of websites that cater to the welfare of herpes people. Online dating help people meet, connect and find love. However, each of these sites has different features. Despite these sites having their unique characteristics, come of the common factors to check out are

  • Local area membership
  • Good mobile app
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • Paid or free site
  • The safety and security of the site

Some of the most notable herpes dating sites in the market include


PositiveSingles prides in giving you a smooth opportunity to meet people with herpes in logic and yet simple way. Since its conception in 2001, the site has provided unmatched community support and dating services to herpes people. Also, PositiveSingles boasts having been featured in top journals like Forbes and AOL.  With over 70% of its members being herpes the site makes the perfect ration to meet your partner. Additionally, the site embraces the power of open and severe attitude towards seeking love. PositiveSingles makes it easy for its members to use apps. And it has catered for both IOS and Android mobile users with its simple to use dating apps. PositiveSingles has some notable unique features like Herpes diagnosis, Herpes Cure, Live Herpes Adviser, and Herpes Care Location. Others include Lets Meet feature, live dating Adviser and Herpes Support Forums.


MPHW prides in being a herpes dating site that embraces all people regardless of gender, religion, race or even sexual orientation. The site has outstanding dating community devoted to providing a safer place for relationship and love for its members.  Additionally, it is a stigma-free, non-discriminatory and friendly warm place to meet people with herpes. Moreover, MPWH offers complete anonymous registration process with a unique feature that makes dating impressive. It has blogs and forms keeping members informed on the various updates of herpes. It prides in having both IOS and also Android app making it faster to connect with others.

Here’s a comparison of the two herpes dating sites.

meet people with herpesUsing Social Media 

We have an extensive database of forums and Facebook groups specifically for individuals living with herpes. The social media platforms give you the perfect chance to connect with other individuals within your city. And even other countries. Moreover, if you hit off with an individual you may meet offline. We have sites like the Meetup that help you meet people the same goal and status. Social Media is the best way of hooking up with potential matches and also making new friends.

Asking Your Friends

Don’t feel shy talking to your close circle of friends who knows about your status hook you up. Also, you may phrase the question in a more comfortable manner. It is likely that one of your friends has an idea of a positive herpes person looking for a companion. Tell your friends to help you to hook up herpes positive people. Avoid staying in a closet join the dating world and embrace love.

The hiring of a professional matchmaker

Currently, we have positive herpes people afraid to join dating websites. However, they have chosen to seek assistance from professional matchmakers. Professional matchmakers help in searching for individuals with herpes that are eligible to suit their customer’s taste. Register with few matchmakers’ professionals to meet herpes singles. Consequently, once you become a client of the professional matchmakers, they will guide to meet the best.

meet people with herpesJoin Community Based Groups

People with herpes do form various community groups. The groups are aimed at supporting and educating each other. The groups create the perfect options to get together with people with herpes. Moreover, once you join the community-based group, it makes it easy to find a potential partner within your locality. Furthermore, the groups also help to verify the information of your possible individual hence keeping you safe. Also, you get to enjoy and learn the person attributes before you officially start dating.

Embrace Offline Dating

Offline dating increases your chances to dating with herpes. Join your community-based activities like camping, cycling, gardening or even cleaning. Such hobbies may create a perfect opportunity for complying with a potential partner. Going out and mingling with other people improves your chance of getting connected.

Attend Herpes community Events

Many communities do have herpes events year round.  From community to party gathering attending such events makes it easy to find your partner. Look for the herpes organizing committees around your home area and find out of any upcoming events.

Go to Herpes popular Spots

From coffee shops to churches to bars, herpes positive people do gather for counseling or to have fun. Once you start frequenting such places, you increase chances to dating someone with herpes. Think of places where such groups of people meet. There you have high odds of meeting positive herpes individuals. Also, attend parties of your STD positive friends.

Always check out on individual body language and another behavior that connects to herpes. For examples, it’s easy to notice someone with HPV 1 due to blisters in the mouth and face area.

Finally, it is advisable to keep your dating life open if you want to meet the perfect herpes partner. And always remember that your personality is unique regardless of your status. Once you meet people with herpes ensure you have a mutual connection to avoid heartache. Additionally embrace the power of loving yourself, communicating and respect to attract others.

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