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What Hwerks Really Is

Hwerks is a dating website that is targeting people suffering from Herpes. It can be a stigma when you find out you have Herpes and people are avoiding you. It makes you ultra sensitive and makes you feel awkward when you want to date someone but u know you have Herpes and you can’t date the other person because of it. Therefore, it is important that we can date on online dating sites where everyone is in the same boat and even though you have sex, the other person will not get Herpes – He already has it. Therefore people who want long-lasting relationships, as well as lifelong friendships, can use this site to make friends and find soulmates.

The site is structured in such a way that is beneficial to its members who has to go through the suffering of herpes and hpv. The sign-up is a one-time membership and there is access to the site and the Hwerk’s social network like Facebook and forum. Emotional support is right at your doorstep – You just need to pay and the rest is all yours.

Their main site is called Ning. Ning helps the site to build their membership and helps with the customer support. It also helps them to grow their social media sites and create a platform that is usable by the members as well as additional services.

Pros of Hwerks:

  • It can use video chatting
  • There is instant messaging via video calling
  • The chat rooms allow people to use video calls
  • There is a large gallery of photos of the members

Cons of Hwerks:

  • Has a smaller member database compared to other Herpes dating site
  • Only premium members have full access
  • The site lacks proper designing.


To join Hwerks, all you need to do is to pay a one-time payment of $30. After making the payment, the membership is for a lifetime access.

However, sometimes there are no available members in the same zone to hang out with. There are many times current members disappear from the site as there are no one around to hang out with using the Hwerks site. Suddenly, a new member joins, but the existing members are all offline.

This is the reason Hwerks only charge a $30 for membership, as there is such a cold zone among members, sometimes no one login as well. The site has not enough staff running it that’s why everyone is leaving the site, leaving the site owner to charge only a $30 one-time fee; if they do monthly charges and the members keep leaving, it will lead to bad reputation and also many customer complaints. So it seems a fair deal that the members are only charged a one-time payment of $30.

Signing Up

Likewise, this site does not offer a free of charge membership or a free trial like other Herpes dating sites. There are two reasons for this cause:

First, they are trying to protect the members’ privacy. Once they join the site, new members are worried that their privacy or people might find out that they have Herpes and the information might leak out. IF there are many free trials up and about, information might leak out as so if there are people who want to join to see who has STD out of curiosity, there will be a breach a privacy act among the existing members – You certainly don’t want your stalking ex to sign up just to see if you are having STD! Therefore the site only has paid membership available. This is to avoid stalkers to join up for fun.

Second, if there are free-trial memberships available, it will cause the site to lag. There are so many ways a site can hang and we don’t need another reason for it to crash and hang. Therefore, people signing up to boost artificial numbers is a no-no for Hwerks.

hwerks reviewSite Features


Blogs are the best places to obtain the latest information about Herpes events. These are where the web operators give extra information on treatments and the latest tests on Herpes. Members are able to receive tonnes of valuable information on the Herpes community.

Local Groups

Hwerks know that technology is not the only thing that is required to form a bond of friendship or a lasting relationship. There are many support groups of HPV in the area. Making bonds and friends with people that understand each other is not easy and it is a necessary step to get back a happy life after learning that one has gotten Herpes.

National Events

Events are held everywhere in the US and Canada. Socializing with people with a similar problem is important after getting a diagnosis with Hwerks. Hwerks let the members know of these events whether it is a large event or a smaller event; so the members can benefit from it and feel a belonging to the Herpes community.

Accessible With Mobile Phones

This site has a mobile version – It can be viewed on your phone as on your tablet. It has an easy scroll-to feature that makes it easy to use. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection you can use your mobile phone to access the Hwerks site. It is easy to use as long as you have a large screen on the phone.

Detailed Profiles

There are very informative, detailed profiles that tell you all you want to know about the other person. It ranges from other health issues to bad habits, likes, and dislikes. It helps to make connections between two individuals and help them to connect closer to find love again even though they have Herpes.

Active Forums

The administrators will filter out any rude or offensive words made in the forum. People can communicate with other members on the forum to make new friends or exchange contact information on the forum. Problems like how to live with Herpes can also be discussed in the forum. If there are any general questions regarding Hwerks the members can ask the moderator and the administrator’s as well. Questions regarding how to use the site, how to make payments to the site will be listed in the FAQ section.

 Privacy of Members

Hwerks really makes sure that the member’s information is private. They do not reveal any information to third party members no matter what happens.

Hwerks Review Verdict

Dating sites are hard to manage, but Hwerks does a great job of creating a community that has been stigmatized by Herpes, as well as high-quality community service. Try Hwerks now if you have Herpes!

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