HSVSingles- Having a Satisfying Sex Life

HSVSingles fear they may never enjoy a satisfying sexual life. However, with proper management, it’s easy to fulfill your sexual desires. Many infections of HSV become subclinical when they acquire. And approximately 80% of the seropositive people have no idea they have HSV infection. The initial infection may either be primary or non-primary. For the primary infection, the person doesn’t have pre-existing antibodies. And for the non-primary person, they have antibodies of another type of viruses.

In the medical field, a non-primary infected individual has a less severe infection than a primary infected person. However, for HSVSingles people dating life becomes more complicated.  The stigmatization associated with the virus makes infected singles shun ways from dating life. However, understating your status makes life easy for HSVSingles

HSV symptoms

For the HSV-2 individual, they may experience painful lesions around or on the genital areas. The wounds also tend to erupt in different crops. Moreover, they may have dysuria (pain when urinating. The genital sores may prevent someone from enjoying their sexual life. Also, genital sores may prevent a person from walking normally.

Additionally, urethral and vaginal discharge may occur. Some people also experience urinary retention. Moreover, we have patients who experience systemic symptoms like malaise, fever, and myalgia.

Recurrent Infection

Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 have a recurrent infection that is less severe than the initial infection. The first initial attack does last for 1 to 2 weeks. And after the episode, the virus lies dormant until triggered by various factors. Such factors get triggered by lifestyle. During the dormant season, the virus hides in local sensory ganglia. However, it periodically does activate itself without bringing any symptoms. A condition called asymptomatic shedding. Hence the reason you can infect others even without any visible symptoms.

The recurrent infection usually has an itching, burning, and tingling sensation. Such sensation acts as the sign of an active outbreak coming. Recurrent infection may get triggered by stressors, like emotional stress and surgery. Others include illness, menstrual cycle, some medication, and sexual intercourse. Infection from having oral sex may lead to sores inside the mouth for both men and women.  However, patients who have immunocompromised have a high level of getting HSV recurrence. Additionally, HIV positive have high risks of shedding the virus asymptomatically.  Furthermore, the presence of herpetic sores increases the risk of getting HIV.

HSV Diagnosis and testing

Genital diagnosis is clinical. With the classic pictures being blisters developing into painful and small shallow ulcers. Sometimes the sores get accompanied by the swollen lymph glands known as lymphadenopathy in your groin. The clinical tests include taking a swab of the ulcer for a laboratory test. Also, a blood test helps to detect whether you have HSV-1 or HSV-2 infections. Informing your active sexual partner to have a herpes test is advised. It helps to prevent disease.

Treatment of HSV virus

The cost of treating herpes virus varies with the outbreak. Buts the medication have formulary restrictions. Most used medication includes Famciclovir, Valacyclovir, and Acyclovir. According to the outbreak, you are given a five-day treatment. The treatment ranges from 200mg to 500mg regimens. The regimes help to reduce the severity and also the length of the episodes. However, they don’t affect the risk of asymptomatic shedding. It’s vital to start medication once you notice the formation of new lesions. But, if the drug doesn’t work within five days and new lesions appear. The doctor will increase your dosage for five more days.

Some people may opt to use the saline bath to alleviate symptoms. Mix one teaspoon of pure salt with a pint of water. Using the saline bath keep you feeling fresh. However, in the case of a severe outbreak, some people may get admitted. Others may require suprapubic catheterization.

Self- Management of HSV virus

Most of the recurring episodes tend to be minor and easily treatable at home. Reassurance, analgesia, and saline bath do alleviate symptoms. Taking food rich in zinc plays a significant role in keeping your immune health.

HSV Complications

Before you engage in sexual activities, it’s important you understand the complication of herpes. For infected women, they can easily pass the infection to the baby. The transmission happens during childbirth. The infant may get infected with lesions causing life-threatening infections to the central nervous system. Herpes may also infect eyes causing cornea scarring and even blindness.

Enjoying your sexual life

Being diagnosed with herpes doesn’t mean you stop enjoying your sexual life. However, during an outbreak, it’s crucial you avoid anal, vaginal, and oral sex.  Between outbreaks, you may have sex with your partner. For an example of your partner don’t have oral sores, you can enjoy oral sex. However, it’s advisable to use a latex condom. The condom works best when having fellatio, anal, and vaginal sex. But condoms don’t guarantee prevention of the infection.  According to research, it provides some level of protection and peace of mind. This gives both sexual partners a chance to enjoy sex peacefully.

Embracing Oral Sex

Further for the analingus and cunnilingus, you may opt to use the dental dam. But during an outbreak, the couple may use various ways to enrich their sex life. Talking to a health care giver helps you understand what safe. For example, exploring mutual masturbation poses no risk. Masturbate together when facing each other or you can masturbate each other manually. But it’s advisable to use clinical gloves. Also, don’t engage in masturbation when you have broken skin. Always wash your hands using medicated soap.

Additionally, never touch herpes sores. Ensure no bodily fluid get exchanged during your sexual activities even by accident. If you both love using dildos and vibratos, you can try them on each other. However, ensure you wash the toy with medicated soap and water and avoid sharing.

Protecting your Skin from Friction during Sex

During sexual activities, the friction may irritate the skin and also trigger outbreaks. If friction becomes a problem, try using the water-based lubricants. The most notable two brands include Astroglide and K-Y jelly. Avoid using oil-based lubricants since they can breakdown the latex. Also, oils with spermicidal line nonoxynol-9 may cause tiny rips. Tiny rips in the mucous membranes enable viruses to enter the body quickly.

HSVSingles have nothing to fear in the dating world. Understating your status, using proper medication makes it easy to easy sex life.  Always avoid a situation that triggers herpes outbreaks. Keep in mind sex starts from the mind. Think positive and enjoy your dating life.




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