HPV Dating- Enjoying your Relationship

HPV dating brings painful emotional toll. Since the medical aspects of dealing with HPV may become awkward to address. Lack of clear counseling on relationship matters makes it hard to join the dating world.  However, over millions of people live with the strain of the HPV virus. Moreover, HPV dating may become easy and enjoyable with proper education.

Understanding HPV

HPV has a cluster of over 100 viruses. And about 40 strains are considered to be sexually transmitted infections. HPV get transmitted through skin-to-skin contact vaginal, oral or anal sex. Moreover, millions of people globally deal with the strain of the HPV virus. And each year, in America alone, 14millions people get infected. It’s believed that sexually active Americans will have an HPV infection.

According to studies, it’s possible to have HPV without showing symptoms. But, when they appear, they come in forms of genital and cold sores. Moreover, it’s rarely for the HPV to foam any cancer. After getting diagnosed, it’s essential to talk to your sexual partners.

Telling your Partner about your HPV Status

Talking to your partner about your diagnoses can cause more anxiety in your relationships. For some people talking about their status stresses them out. However, before to talk to them, address the issues on your own. Knowing more about your situation helps to establish a comfort level. Remember, knowledge does have high power to convey the message quickly. Helping your partner understand the virus enables you to cope with the condition. Avoid the hype and myths and get factual information.

Educate Yourself

Educating yourself about the HPV helps you understand the type of virus you carry. Some of the HPV viruses may have a higher risk of warts or even cancer. Also, some HPV strains don’t cause any issues.  Finding the type of HPV you carry helps you understand the future and avoid unnecessary fears.  Educating the ways to handle your sexual activities helps you have great relationships. Ask questions and talk about your worries. Moreover, check online journals for detailed information on your status. It enables you to explain and answer questions asked by your partners.  There lots of negative news about HPV. Get your facts right and back them up with educative information. Proper education goes a long way in making your dating life lively. Don’t underestimate the power of having adequate knowledge.

Avoid the Blame Game

The blame game makes you feel guilty. It’s the recipe of failing in your HPV dating life.  Remember, you did nothing wrong. Don’t be tempted to apologize to your partner. Remember that for any sexually active individual getting HPV is typical. Also, don’t blame your past or present partner for your status. Furthermore, partners do share the strain of HPV virus among each other. Hence it’s almost impossible to know who infected you with the virus.

Choose the right time to talk to your partner about your HPV status

Don’t blindside the news of your condition to your partner. Avoid breaking the news at an inopportune time, like during running or grocery shopping. Instead, schedule quiet time for just the two of you. Look for an appropriate time from any obligations and distraction.

Moreover, you can ask your partner to accompany you to the doctors. Sometimes getting information from the doctors helps in getting the appropriate answers. Also, you get educated on ways to move forward and still enjoy your dating life. Additionally, you can break the news to your partner and schedule a follow-up with the doctor.  After telling your partner about your status, don’t pressure them for a commitment. Instead, give them time to think and make a sober decision. In case they decide to end the relationship, don’t panic or beg. Avoid being in a stressful situation since it may fuel symptoms breakouts.

Explore your Option

Being fully equipped with the HPV information helps you made the right decision on your dating life. Also, it enables you to understand the type of treatment you need. Proper treatment keeps HPV symptoms at bay. Additionally, you tend to understand ways to keep your life stressful and free from dramas. Moreover, you have the power to advise your partner to get tested as a plan for your future.

Planning for the Future

Your future should be shared with someone who cares and understands about your status. Having an HPV doesn’t mean the end of your relationships. If your partner gets angry about your diagnosis, keep your cool. Always remind yourself you haven’t done anything wrong. Keep in mind being in stressful conditions may lead to health consequences.

Moreover, understand that it may take your partner time to absorb the news. Although the HPV virus has no cure, it’s easily treatable. Watching out for any new symptoms and taking medication keeps the infection under control. Also, staying health keeps your immune system healthy.  Keep in mind that HPV has both low and high-risk viruses.

The low-risks cause sores, while the high-risk causes abnormal cell changes. Knowing the type of risk you have enables you to plan accordingly. Also, HPV latency gives you the perfect time to enjoy your sexual activities. It may take months, weeks, or even years to have symptoms outbreaks. Remember that being diagnosed with HPV doesn’t mean you were unfaithful. According to medical journals, HPV is a harmless infection with no health complications. Enjoy your relationship and have bright plans for the future.

Preventing HPV transmission or infections

It’s easy to spread HPV virus through skin-to-skin contact. Mostly it happens during intimate contact. Using condoms helps to prevent genital HPV. Additionally abstaining from sexual activities during symptoms outbreaks helps in preventing infections.

Moreover, for the monogamous relationship, you can engage in sexual activities until the virus goes dormant. It means your bodies have created natural immunity to the virus. However, it’s advisable to go for a routine checkup to prevent possible complications.

HPV dating becomes easy when you keep your guilty emotions away. HPV is known as the most typical STI globally. Keep yourself informed. Know the latest medication that suppresses the symptoms. Learn daily about the signs and outlook of your diagnoses.  Applying smart strategies helps you to talk about your status comfortably. Being honest plays a significant role in caring or yourself and accepting your situation.

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