How to Tell Your Partner You Have Herpes

How to tell your partner you have herpes causes sleepless nights to many. It’s a hard decision that brings stigmatization. Countries like the UK and USA have a high number of positive herpes individuals. Moreover, unless an individual has symptoms, it’s hard to know their status. Herpes viruses get transmitted through skin to skin contact. The most important way is through sexual activities. For positive individuals, they receive stigmatization from partners and friends. Telling your partner about your condition becomes hard. Since herpes affects your relationship, both physically and emotionally. However, being herpes positive should not hinder you from enjoying dating life. Here are ways on how to tell your partner you have herpes.

Before you tell your partner, practice

Your sexual partner becomes one person you need to know about your herpes status. This becomes important even when you have outbreaks. Genital herpes can quickly spread even without visible outbreak symptoms. Coming out as herpes positive person may become difficult and stressing. Mainly when directed to that one person whom you love. Informing them about the changes about to take place on your sexual life becomes depressing. However, hiding the truth from them becomes a suicidal mission. Infecting herpes to a person knowing your status may bring legal issues. Practicing the right keywords to use makes the chat go very smooth. Practice ahead of time, make a note of the vital point. Practice the aspects in front of your mirror until you feel confident to talk about it. Note the practice may take even months. Strangely, talking about your herpes status (even to you) makes the telling process less daunting.

Avoid Overthinking about your herpes Condition

Like a virus, herpes causes frustration at worst and annoyance at its best. It’s a virus that leads to irritation during the occasional outbreaks. However, it’s easily controlled by medication. Unless you have a weak immune system it’s unlikely for an explosion to seriously hurt you. Proper diet and stress-free environment keep symptoms at bay.

However, herpes has social effects that can be brutal. Overanalyzing your condition and your partner response may decrease your self-esteem. Overthinking on how to tell your partner you have herpes may lead to depression. Thinking of how your friends and relatives will reacts makes the symptoms more aggressive. Don’t let your status and the feedback of others affects your life. The reality remains the herpes virus is quite common. And being herpes positive doesn’t define your sexual life. Additionally, it’s quite easy and affordable to treat.

How to Tell Your Partner You Have HerpesBeing Open about your herpes condition

Bringing the message across to your loved one can be hectic. However, embracing openness helps the word to flow naturally. Learn about your type of herpes. If you have HSV-1 that causes oral sores or HSV-2 that causes herpes sores. Understand the transmission process helps you to prevent spreading it. Also learning how to protect your partner and yourself makes the conversion easier. Learn more about herpes types from Google. Ask your doctor for more information. Having the facts on your fingertips makes it easy to open up.

Getting Educative on types of Herpes

After being open with your partner and being accepted. It’s time to get educated. Being educated on the kind of herpes your partner has makes the relationship smooth. Talking about your fear and worries becomes a healing process. Understating the different symptoms enable the couple enjoys their relationship. Some people experience mild herpes symptoms, while others have cold sores that become wounds. Regardless of your symptoms keeping off from sexual engagement during such times is advisable. Let your partner know when you have symptoms even mild. Also, explain to them in clear and understandable words. Don’t make your condition define your life. Enjoy your relation if your partner accepts your status. Also, keep free from the stressful environment. Don’t hide in your home closet. Let your partner and friends become part of your healing journey.

Creating the right atmosphere and time

Creating the right atmosphere helps to communicate with your partner effectively. Let the herpes conversation flow naturally. Don’t convey the message when your partner is tired. It’s crucial to create a whole day to inform your partner about your status. Ensure your partner has a peaceful mood and not agitated. Start the conversation in a more relaxed manner by producing a doctor’s diagnoses letter. Alternately, you may opt for a candlelit dinner in your house and start the topic.

Picking the right place and setting creates a high possibility of things turning out positive. Be unemotional and casual direct with your partner. Avoid suggesting the outcome or don’t freak out. Freaking out may result in a negative attitude. Have all the facts at your fingertips. Tell your partner herpes is quite common. Hearing the overwhelming one-five statistic could make your partner relax. Also, explain in clear and understandable ways what it means to have the herpes virus. Choose your words wisely. Avoid loading the conversation with negative imagery. Moreover, don’t describe your condition as disgusting, horrible or incurable.

How to Tell Your Partner You Have HerpesBe direct and without an apology

Being apologetic about your herpes status may have an adverse reaction from your partner. Keep the chat straightforward. Say something like.” I have herpes, but we can still have a relationship. It’s not a significant problem. However, I had to inform you before going further”. Accurately framing your words without being apologetic makes everything easy. Don’t let nervousness and negativity affect your condition. In case your partner wants to end the relationship, embrace their decision positively. Adopting an open, hone, and direct approach rarely backfires.

Give your partner time to think about your herpes status

People react differently to hearing such news like you have herpes. Sometimes you might be surprised even your partner has the same condition. Others have more information on your status hence willing to stick by your side. Some people may not care and want the relationship to continue.

On the other hand, some partners may want more time to digest the given information. Regardless of your partner reaction, provide them with enough time.  Let them reflect, learn more about herpes and get tested. Whatever the outcome may be, embrace your status and move on with life.

How to tell your partner you have herpes becomes easy when you embrace your status. Learn to love and appreciate yourself. Taking care of your body, protect yourself during sexual activities.

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