How to Stop a Herpes Outbreak Before It Happens

How to stop a herpes outbreak before it happens may prove hard. However, with the proper knowledge, it’s easy to keep the herpes symptoms at bay. For a positive herpes individual, the chance of getting an outbreak recurrence is high. The painful lesion prevents you from enjoying life. And after the breakout, the healing process may take two to four weeks. The good news remains that after the first outbreak, the rest heal faster.  During the initial year after being diagnosed, the outbreak becomes severe. After that, an average person receives over four outbreaks every year for HSV-2. But for the HSV-1 the recurrence happens once per year.  As the virus gets acquitted with your body, the explosions become less.

While we don’t have a direct cure for herpes, it’s easy to prevent outbreaks. Lets checks on how to stop a herpes outbreak before it happens.

Know your Herpes Outbreak Triggers

Everyone has a different way of experiencing herpes. Your outbreak may be different from the other persons. Hence the need to know what triggers your explosion. Keeping tracks on your lifestyle plays a significant role in preventing epidemics. Avoid being in stressful situations. Some of the common factors that trigger infections include emotional and physical stress. Other common triggers are exposure to the UV light, specific medication and not eating well. Hormone change like taking birth control and menstruations may also trigger outbreaks, Injury to the skin, lack of sleep, surgery or illness plays a role in frequent herpes outbreaks.   In case your menstruations causing hormone imbalance, it’s vital to have hormone medication. Avoid using any contraceptives without the advice of the doctor.

Keeping a diary with all trigger patterns may help you prevent the next outcome. Write down life events, activities, and diet to narrow down your lost.

Paying Attention to your Diet

Eating right plays a significant role in preventing both HSV-1 and HSV-2 from recurring. Food rich in zinc helps to metabolize nutrients. Also, it helps in maintaining your immune system, making it easy to fight infections. Zinc contributes to grow and also repair your body tissues. Some food rich in zinc includes meat, shellfish, legumes, and seeds. Pumpkin, squash and sesame seeds have high levels of zinc. Also, they have significant amounts of healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins. Adding them to your diet keeps your body healthy. Increasing the intake to nuts, dairy, eggs, and whole grains keeps your body well nourished. For those who love chocolate, you may opt to eat dark chocolate. According to ASHA report, also food rich in amino acids triggers outbreaks.

Taking care of your Body

Taking care of your body include changing your current lifestyle. Reduce on your alcohol intake, get enough sleep, stop smoking, and care for your physical outlook. Physical problems may prompt herpes outbreaks. Having a healthy body prevents illness that may trigger herpes. It’s crucial always to take care of your overall body.

Managing Stress

Emotional and physical stress plays a significant role in triggering outbreaks of herpes. Using different relaxation techniques helps to keep your pressure at bay.  Taking deep breathing techniques like yoga relaxes your whole body. While doing mindfulness, meditation may lower your overall body stress levels. Running and going to the gym helps you cope with the various stressful situations.

Take Antiviral Medication

We have two types of antiviral medication used to treat herpes. Your doctor may give you one that’s taken daily to suppress the herpes outbreaks. While the episodic medicines help to reduce the severity of the epidemic. The episodic medication helps when taken after spotting the first herpes outbreak signs. Discuss your situation with your doctor and together decide the best antiviral medicines.

Recognize signs of early symptoms

Sometimes it’s hard to stop an outbreak; however, you may reduce the impact. Knowing the first signs helps to reduce the length and severity of the epidemic. Many people experience different warning signs. Some notable ones include shooting pain on your legs, genital pain, and tingling. Also pain in the buttocks or hips and itching. These signs usually occur days or hours before an outbreak. Hence knowing them gives a high chance of preventing an infestation.

Using Lubricants during intercourse

Lubricants help to prevent skin friction that may irritate the skin hence causing triggering an outbreak. It is advisable to avoid using oil-based lubricants. Instead, use the water-based lubricant products. Oil can easily break down the condom latex.

Additionally, avoid using lubricants that have the spermicidal nonoxynol-9. It may cause tiny rips into the mucous membranes. This makes it easy for the HIV and herpes virus to penetrate the body.

Using home remedies

Natural medication may also help to reduce the frequency of herpes outbreaks. According to studies taking the amino acid, lysine suppresses the symptoms of herpes.  Using the Docosanol helps to shorten the duration of the sore in the early stages. Also menthol, tea tree oil has the antibacterial agent’s hence managing pain.

Knowing how to handle outbreaks

How to stop a herpes outbreak before it happens may be useful if you understand your outbreak cycle. If you notice that various signs that give you an explosion take immediate action. Taking steps that lessen the severity of the lesions also helps to minimize the outbreak outburst. Avoid using ointments since they may cause itching to the skin. The wearing of cotton underwear plays a role in preventing itching. Additionally, have your episodic medication within reach.

Moreover, it’s crucial you talk to your partner about your status. Helps them understand the necessary measure to prevent outbreaks. Avoiding skin to skin contact is another way on how to stop a herpes outbreak before it happens. Refrain from sexual activity when you notice the outbreak signs.

Learning on how to stop a herpes outbreak before it happens to keep you protected. Maintaining your lifestyle comfortable and free from stress gives your body the strength to fight infections. Going for counseling and being part of the support group’s enables you to keep free from herpes outbreaks. Most important protecting your skin from any irritable agents keeps it healthy. Life is short; don’t let anyone give you stress.

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