So your doctor has just informed you that you have herpes simplex virus. Now you are wondering what to do.  Have you considered joining a herpes support group NYC? Developing a herpes community is important. You shouldn’t go through this problem alone.

The early discovery of having herpes can be scary, confusing, overwhelming, and so many other social events. While there are different ways you can respond to this news, it is normal to feel ashamed, angry, and alone.

And there are a lot of steps that you can take when you receive this news. For instance, you can talk to your doctor, disclose to your partners, or talk to a friend. But one thing that will keep you going is looking for a herpes support group.

Herpes Support Group NYCBenefits of A Herpes Support Group

It is always recommended to get a support group no matter what you are suffering from. And these groups have a lot to offer. If you find yourself suffering from herpes, look for a herpes support group as you stand to reap these benefits:

Make You Realize You Aren’t Alone

It is exciting to hear individuals describe their initial group support meeting. They often say, “I believed I was the only one suffering from genital herpes in the world until I went for the first meeting. I was quite surprised to find lots of people suffering from my condition.”

This realization will make you feel relieved, just by learning that other people have herpes and are there for you.

Express Your Feelings

When you discover you aren’t alone and you are within a supportive group, you will start to share your feelings. This can be a healing and therapeutic experience, especially because other people in the ground will not judge you.

In fact, your herpes support group members will praise you for your courage and openness.

Learning Useful Information

Herpes support groups provide a lot of practical tips and information for dealing with herpes. For instance, members usually share the strategies that assisted them to accept their condition and even share their success story.

Some groups mainly focus on learning and implementing specific coping techniques. Most herpes groups will also offer recommendations for helpful websites and books for individual study.

Gaining Hope

It is powerful to see people who have dealt with herpes for a long time and are still living a positive life. If these people have made those steps; why not you?

These positive role models will show you that in fact, herpes doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life. It is just another state of life that you can live with it happily.


One final benefit of joining a herpes support group is that these groups are very affordable. Actually, some groups are free to join and are much cheaper than hiring a professional therapist.

Even those that charge, their fee is little compared to what you would pay a professional. And here you have the advantage of meeting people suffering from the same condition.

Herpes Support Group NYCTips for Using Herpes Support Groups NYC

What will make you succeed in herpes support group? Is it just about joining the group or there are other things that you should do? Follow these tips and you will have a great time in your herpes support group:

Join the group as soon as you can

Why wait for tomorrow when you can join today? The longer you keep quiet with your herpes virus, the worst you will feel.

Looking for a support group and attending meeting might seem simple, but it will make you feel better.

Introduce Yourself

Stretch out your right hand and say, “Hi my name is so and so.” If you are a new member or have been diagnosed recently, then feel free to add that. You can say, “It’s my first at a herpes support group and I have just been diagnosed.”

Welcome Newcomers

If you have had herpes for a long time and have been in a herpes support group, make it your duty to welcome the newcomers. Welcome, all the recently diagnosed individuals so they can feel right at home.

These people are experiencing a hard time and you can be of great help by just being a welcoming friend.

Ask Lots of Questions

Ask the individuals who you meet how they manage to live with the herpes virus. How do they control the virus?

Ask them how they give the talk. Ask them how they listen.

Have a Good Time

Listen. Laugh. Have the best moment of your time. Get involved with all the work or service of the group. If you try to play your part in the success of your group, then you will have an easier time when with other members.

This will add a thrilling fellowship in your everyday life and add new kind of relationships.

Make Friends Then Romantic Partners

You will become attractive if you fill hope to other members and make them feel appreciated in your herpes dating. If you join a group with the intention of meeting romantic partners, you will be frustrated.

Take as much time as possible and know people.

Get Social! Feel Better

Joining a herpes social group or support groups is one of the things you can do when you have been diagnosed with herpes. You will go crazy with fear, worry, and a feeling of isolation if you lock yourself in a room.

Reaching out and simply saying hello will help you feel better and heal tremendously fast. Attending your first herpes meeting is key in the understanding of this little virus and how to deal with it.

Bottom Line

Simply group meeting with other and sharing your condition and feeling will help you so much. It is an experience that you shouldn’t miss if you have herpes. So, take the necessary steps, find a herpes support group, and introduce yourself. You don’t need to say much. And through that, you will have helped a lot of people.

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