Cold Sore Dating Etiquette- Kiss and Tell

Cold sore dating etiquette makes dating life more satisfying and thrilling.  Being diagnosed with HSV-1 makes you feel confused and scared. It’s estimated that millions of people globally below 50 years have oral herpes. Most of the people are caught off guard when diagnosed with oral herpes. They shun from dating life since they don’t know the best etiquette to follow. Having oral herpes does not mean you stop enjoying kissing or having body contact. However, you should be willing, be honest, and open about your diagnosis.

Understanding Cold Sores Herpes

Oral herpes or cold sores give the infection to areas around the mouth. Such regions include the tongue, gums, lips, mouth, neck, face, and even inside cheeks. The transmission of oral herpes happens when having direct contact with an infected person. Moreover, sharing of personal effects like toothbrush, handkerchief, and even utensil may cause infection. Engaging sexual activities like kissing in the lips causes oral herpes. Most people do get oral herpes during childhood when in contact with an infected adult. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy passionately kissing your partner.  Let’s check out more on cold sore dating etiquette

Communicate with your partner

The number dating etiquette should be communicating with your partner about your status. Having oral herpes doesn’t mean the end of dating like, but it requires responsible maintenance. Remember, communication plays a significant key in having a healthy relationship. Don’t feel uneasy telling your partner about the signs and symptoms of an outbreak.

Embrace being emotionally intimate

Having a candid conversation about your diagnosis may require emotional intimacy. Don’t fear to show your feelings and emotions to your partner. Moreover, you need to relax and communicate openly with your partner on sexual topics.

Avoid having sexual relations during, before and after outbreaks

If you feel oral herpes symptoms coming on, avoid having contact with the affected areas. Keep off from touching or kissing the infected areas for about seven days. Moreover, you can wait for the sores to heal completely. It’s important to tell you, partner, when an outbreak is coming. It protects your partner from getting infected. Also, it can protect you from legal battles if you infect someone with oral herpes knowingly.  Even if feeling just under the weather, inform them immediately. Moreover, it’s a sense of trust and security telling your partner early.

It’s easy to know when HSV-1 outbreak is coming on since you experience flu-like symptoms. Other sighs to not include tingling and exhaustion feelings. However, it’s advisable to go slow on any physical intimacy, especially during an outbreak. Go on dates and avoid lots of physical contacts.

Avoid touching herpes sores

When you get outbreaks, avoid having to let your partner feel your wounds. Oral lesions become contagious during an outbreak. But the virus may shed from the skin without any symptoms. On the other hand, if your partner touches one of your HSV-1 sores. Advice them to wash their hands with warm water and medicated soap. Also avoid sharing of towels, glasses, and lip balms during, after, and even before an outbreak.

Consider Using vinyl gloves or Latex

Let your partner use latex or vinyl gloves to protect themselves during sex. Don’t let this idea make you feel less sexy. Although very uncommon, hands may get infected with herpes. Later it may spread to your mouth, neck, or lips. Wearing gloves acts an efficient way of preventing herpes transmission.

Take Medication

Taking medication plays a significant role in suppressing oral herpes symptoms. Daily suppressive medicines like Famciclovir, Acyclovir, Valtrex, and Valacyclovir prevent a herpes outbreak. Additionally, the medication helps to lessen the rate of recurrence of active outbreaks. This helps to reduce the price of transmission to your partner significantly. Moreover, it gives you a maple time to enjoy your sexual activities without fear. However, before taking family planning medication, visit the family doctor for advice.

Go slow on physical intimacy

Avoid having physical intimacy with your partner helps to prevent the risk of infection. However, you may go on dates, enjoy your time together but keep off kissing. Let your partner decide if they can take the risk of being infected. However, always remind yourself that millions of people do have HSV-1.

Agree on Boundaries

If dating a new partner and have informed them about your status, it’s time to create boundaries. Creating boundaries helps both of you to feel safe. Having all the facts about oral herpes helps you know its effects on your dating life. Communicate your feelings to your partner. Let them know your fears and the boundaries to protect your relationship. Likewise, listen to your partner and always respect their boundaries. Such away it’s easy to create long-lasting relationship regardless of your status.

Be thankful to your partner

Nothing beats a happy relationship than having a heart of appreciation. Yes! Always thank your partner for being part of your life regardless of your status. Since oral herpes has a negative social stigma, having someone who understands your situation becomes a blessing. By sticking with you, being part of your journey shows honest and love. Make your partner always feel appreciated.

Practice safe intimacy

Don’t let outbreaks prevent you from enjoying your intimate life together. When feeling down and sick from an explosion, have a safe time together. Enjoy quality time by watching a movie or having a nice meal. Snuggle up far from the infected areas, trade massages and also enjoy a nice dinner.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy relationship free from occasional dramas plays a significant role in preventing outbreaks. The herpes virus gets triggered by factors like stress, drugs, and unhealthy lifestyle. Embrace healthy eating. Avoid taking alcohol or smoking. Keep off from a stressful environment. However, don’t be an introvert and lonely, have friends who understand your status. Also, don’t let your dating life stress you up. If your partner can’t make you happy, choose your health.

The above cold sore dating etiquette enables you to enjoy your dating life. Don’t let your status prevent you from having a healthy and intimation relationship. However, preventing transmission becomes your top priority.


Dating someone who gets cold sores?

You really like each other and they told you they get fever blisters in their mouth once a year (HSV-1), would you stop talking to them?

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