Herpes has become very common for people living in the USA. It is a stigma to let the public know you living with herpes. However, blacks also have Herpes; just like any other races in the United States; they might get genital herpes. If they have promiscuous behavior and they have multiple sex partners. It is becoming commonplace and people with herpes try to find love again – although they might have stigmatized themselves with Herpes. One of the best black herpes dating sites is Positive Singles online dating.

Bad Reputation amongst Black Women

Black women are always single, professional and can’t please men at all. They also have a black reputation that makes even the other races, not only black guys, detests them. Not to mention, there have been statistics that state half of black women have virus leading to herpes.

Herpes Statistics Causing Shock To Black Community

A professor from North Carolina told the public that racial disparity for herpes simplex has a significantly lower count for STD. She said although the numbers for Herpes might be high, the stats are now stable.

Black Women Uproar on News

As the outcome of the news, there were many enraged black women saying that they have all been stigmatized. One black woman stated that guys think black girls are sex bombers with STD. Another one stated that if the guy gets a nice girl he should marry her. Unfortunately, the nice girls get played as well. So how do the black women get the good guys? Everyone is wondering how to deal with STD and get a husband at the same time.

How Do Black Women Settle Down

These statistics suddenly causes uproar between black women. These data lead to black women thinking that it is harder to settle down. The black guys even go for Asian women that are more demure. They THINK Asian women are demure and that’s why black women are exploding. They think that it is tough to get a good guy nowadays. AIDS illness has been killing all races and everyone is trying to live with it. It is time that the blacks start voicing out on the sexual health problems in their community. People should be aware of the illness in the community. AIDS has not been a recent illness, it has been around for decades.

Black Community Coming Together To Rid of Stigma

The community now are holding hands with each other to support the stigma of the black women having AIDS. Black guys don’t do full medical check-ups frequently -but the women are the ones that get stigmatized with Herpes. There was an HIV Awareness day where everyone is talking about Herpes. If one has Herpes, you are three times more likely to get AIDS. Therefore, black singles have to beware. The minute you get Herpes, you will get exposed to AIDS easily.

Black Herpes Dating Sites

Herpes has taken a notch on the black community. Black people have to be taught about Herpes and how important it is to use protection. Hopefully, these statistics will decrease and there will be less STD issues among the black community.

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