Black Herpes Dating Sites- Embrace the Power of Love

The emerging of exclusive black herpes dating sites has given a relief to black singles with herpes simplex. According to the WHO, over 3.7 people globally have HSV 1, and 417 million have HSV2. And they all fall under the bracket age of below 50 years. Besides this, it’s the age that many people yearn to find and give love.

However, the stigmatization associated with herpes has made lots of people shun from seeking romance and relationships. And this is true for people of color. Yet, exclusive herpes websites have provides the perfect dating platforms for blacks to date without prejudice.

Herpes does not discriminate on color or race, but according to statics, black women have higher chances of getting HSV. However, most black individuals shun from getting loved once they realize they have herpes. The fear of discrimination and backlash from people prevents them from joining the dating world. For those brave enough to join a normal dating site, the headache of telling their potential partner of their condition becomes overwhelming.

However, with a black dating website, people of color can comfortably love and be loved. We have thousands of online dating sites dealing with herpes. A website like Positive Singles has been in the market for years providing the best platform to find love. Let’s explore more on herpes simplex among the black community.

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Understanding Herpes infection

black herpes datingHerpes is a viral infection usually caused by Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2.  For the HSV-1, it causes the person to have oral herpes. And HSV-2 causes the person to have genital herpes. According to the recent studies the black women have a higher chance of getting infected with herpes, especially genital herpes. Furthermore, for every five black women aged 14 to 49, one has the simplex virus infection.

But for the black men, the story becomes different.  With one man in a group of 10 aged between 14 to 49 years have genital herpes.  For the women, it’s easier to get herpes due to delicate tissues. The body tissue makes it easy for viruses and bacteria to spread into the body.

How herpes get transmitted

Herpes virus gets transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact. A person may get herpes even without engaging in sexual relations. It’s not about ejaculating into someone’s vagina, anus or mouth to spread the infection. Moreover, the virus may get contagious when the infected person has open and wet sores. During such a period, the fluids spread quickly.

Reason for High Statistics in the Black Community

black herpes dating sitesThe herpes simplex virus has a slower count compared to other types of Sexually transmitted diseases. However, the high spread among African-American women has raided an eye-brow. The raise has been associated with behaviors like having unprotected sex with multiple partners and drugs. However, most of the back herpes dating sites have come up with learning materials.

The educative articles provide insights on ways to enjoy safe sex for black people living with herpes. Also, it guides the members on the best medication and ways of improving their lifestyle. Furthermore, the best way to suppress herpes virus is through changing of embracing a balanced lifestyle. Lifestyle changes like eating well, taking medication, use protection during sex, and being hygienically clean.

Ways of protecting yourself from herpes

The high number of herpes among the black community has made many young individuals afraid of dating. Most of the individual first line of defense is abstaining from sexual activities. However, it’s advisable to use a protection measure to protect yourself from getting and spreading herpes. Using a latex condom and oral dental dams help to decrease herpes transmission and spread. Additionally, abstaining from sexual activities during herpes breakout also prevents the spread of infection.

Taking the antiviral medication reduces the duration, frequency, and severity of the herpes outbreaks. Besides, it also reduces the higher chances of infecting your partner. For some people, the daily dosage of antiviral medication is advisable to suppress the symptoms. And for others, they may take the antiviral medication during the outbreak of herpes symptoms. Keep in mind that the herpes antiviral medication only helps in suppressing the symptoms.

Finding a Life Partner

free black herpes dating sitesFinding a potential partner when you have herpes may be hard on the typical dating site. However, with a niche dating site, it’s easy to register and connect with herpes positive.  Also, you can learn more from their support groups. Moreover, they do understand your pain and predicament. Additionally, you don’t have to explain your condition.

Joining black herpes dating sites for people living with herpes helps you overcome your shame and fears. Such websites become the platform for hiding your shame and finding love again. However, before registering in the niche website, you need to overcome your fear. Fear of your herpes condition and being judge. Remember, any dating has potential heartbreak, pain, and drama, and your state plays a minor equation.

Once you meet the right person, they will embrace and love you regardless of your condition. Joining herpes dating sites help you achieve a potential partner who shares the same common issue-herpes. Embrace communication with your partner; let them understand your fears, desires, and diagnosis. Take care of your lifestyle, diet, and use protection anytime you want to enjoy intimacy.

How the Black community is fighting stigmatization

The black community has joined hands to fight off herpes spread and stigmatization. The creation of educative materials, black dating sites, supportive community groups, and discounted check-up has helped many. Learning on ways to suppress the spread of herpes has helped reduce the high statics.

Joining a black herpes dating site

black dating with herpesNavigating black herpes dating sites may be hard and challenging for black individuals. But with the many dating sites exclusive for people living with herpes, finding love is fun and easy. Be an open book, avoid limiting yourself, and embrace the power of love. Educate yourself and keep a tab on the latest happenings in the world of herpes helps you to overcome stigmatization.

Don’t shy becoming a member of 1 or 2 websites. Also, join the herpes community groups and enjoy the beauty of dating life. Most of all embrace love and love unconditionally. However, love yourself and don’t become intimate without using protection.

The analytical results of a high number of black women living with herpes have been a wake-up to all. It’s a call to have regular check-ups and change lifestyles. However, even with herpes, life must continue. Don’t let the bitterness of your condition prevent you from experiencing the beauty and power of love.