The world has changed hence we have compiled top 5 genital herpes dating sites review 2019 just for you. For any individual diagnosed with herpes, the idea of dating becomes a complicated one. However, various herpes niche sites make such individual enjoy the beauty of love.  Living with herpes and dating again makes someone feel totally free.  The beauty of using online dating sites allows herpes singles to find companionship, love, and friendship.

Additionally, such sites protect their members from discriminations and negative remarks. They have an interconnected community that provides herpes support, understanding, and embrace your status. Such support includes both physical and emotional making people with herpes enjoy life to the fullest. Finally, these sites provide you with the invaluable treasure of information that brightens your social life, giving you quick recovery time. Let’s check out the top 2019 genital herpes dating sites.

#1 PositiveSingles (4.9/5)

Genital Herpes Dating Sites

The PositiveSingles pleasures in being the best and highly rated STD dating site globally with tons of unique dating services. It boasts over 1.5million of members and counting who provide with an active community that believes in friendship, love, and dating advisories.

The site embarked its unique services in 2001, providing individuals with sexually transmitted diseases a chance to find love. PositiveSingles has intuitive matching system making it easy to connect with your potential partner. The site online chat rooms keep you connected with others while the dating advisory helps you understand all about sexually transmitted infections. Additionally, members can enjoy a quicker connection through their mobile herpes dating apps services for both IOS and Android users.

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#2 MPWH (4.4/5)

Genital Herpes Dating Sites

Meet People with Herpes (MPWH) dating site gives exclusive dating sites to people with genital herpes. It prides in having intuitive and straightforward to use website and dating app. The MPWH provides its members with educative services on various stis hence keeping them more informed.

Additionally, it enables members to hold conversations without feeling biased and uncomfortable.  Moreover creating an account with MPWH takes a shorter time and it’s effortless.  Also, it has an easy to navigate website with a verification process that makes the chances of getting connected exponentially high. It boasts of an active international community that embraces diverse members with the same sexual health status.

#3 HerpesPassion (3.8/5) 

Genital Herpes Dating Sites

HerpesPassion offers dating services to individuals diagnosed with herpes, which include free online chatting. It has attractive features like columns, blogs, form, games, and videos that entice your dating experience. The free chatting rooms enable members to connect hence creating a passionate platonic or romantic relationship.

Moreover, the site prides in providing high technology software that protects its user’s information from hacking.

#4 HWerks  (3.5/5)  

HWerks serves people with stis and especially those with herpes. Its an exclusive dating site with lots of education and support directed to herpes positive people. The main site agenda is showcasing love and care to its members through its various personalized education tips.

Moreover, it has an active community that provides helpful and personal insight on living life to the fullest with genital herpes. The open question and answer forums and sessions enable the members to learn more and embrace their positive status. HWerks has adopted a unique style of education and support that fulfills its member’s needs.

#5 H-YPE (3.0/5) 

The H-YPE offers its services to herpes individuals mostly living in the United Kingdom. Its name “YPE” stands for Your Positive Experiences. H-YPE boasts in having a unique and well-coordinated site, easy to open and operate. The unique features like scheduled meet-ups make it more enticing since it allows people to hook up and enjoy camping together. It prides in being the quickest growing social networking herpes dating sites. Also, it’s fully connected to provide its community with support, friendship, and love. Hype has chartrooms with video/audio, music and video galleries, personalized profiles, and an instant messenger making connection easier and fun. The site provides you with tons of unique and high-tech privacy features, keeping your profile anonymous. Also, those using the site enjoy discounts on different sexual health tests.

Dating when you have genital herpes

After being diagnosed with herpes, it’s time to relax and kick-back to the dating world. Finding someone to love, cherish, and support you through the hardest time is possible when you connect with the right dating channel. The above dating site provides you with exclusive features making it easy to communicate with potential partners who share and understand your status.

Embracing Openness and being Intimate

Being open to your dating mate makes it easy to enjoy your special moments together. Sharing your fears and joys and sending the message when you feel down enables both partners to enjoy the heat of the moment. However, it’s crucial to let your partner know about your symptoms before you start cuddling, caressing, kissing, and having sex. Always take care of your sexual health, eat healthily and take your medicine as directed. Having a more connected bond means putting each other health at the top. Remember having herpes diagnosis means letting go of the past and embracing the future of being happy and loved.

How do herpes dating sites work

The dating world has opened its doors to an individual living with herpes by providing exclusive services. The websites work in a simple way of connecting like-minded people ready to find love and companion regardless of their status. These unique niches bring people with living with herpes back to dating world free from discrimination and negative remarks. The websites have active community members searching to enjoy the beauty of love. You can register to the sites above through their easy to navigate websites and app by filling up your details.

Opening Genital Herpes Dating Sites

Keep in mind the information is safe since the sites use high-technology software’s to protect your privacy. Most of the sites need you to create your profile and include your name, herpes status, age, and location. Next, write an eye-catching and inviting description of what you need to fulfill your dating desires. Also, add your current photo that showcases your beauty according to the site’s requirements. Lastly, submit your well-filled profile and wait for the vetting process before becoming an active member. Most of these dating sites ensure your information is anonymous and private protecting you from the outside world.

Having herpes status should not limit you from enjoying life, love, and your happiness. Embrace the power of privacy free from stigmatization and loaded with love and community support.  Join the above genital herpes dating sites and kick start your life.