Free 9 Genital Herpes Dating Sites for HSV Singles November 2019

Dating someone who has genital herpes is quite hard. Many individuals with genital herpes have found themselves discriminated in regular dating circles. However, the world has evolved, and the dating world has become more fun and segmented.  It’s easier to find exclusive genital herpes dating sites for HSV singles.

For the positive herpes singles finding love has become effortless due to different herpes dating sites. Being herpes positive does not prevent individuals from enjoying dating life. You can still date, find love, and become happy.

Herpes dating sites have provided a haven for new relationships. The market has many online dating sites giving dating services free from discrimination or deny. However, finding the best one to cater for your needs depends on the site facilities. So here, we have reviewed the best top 9 Genital Herpes dating sites 2019.

#1 PositiveSingles (4.9/5)

herpes dating sitesPositive Singles prides itself on being the biggest STD and herpes dating site globally. It has over 1,715,300 registered positive singles members. Since its conception in 2001, the website focuses on providing safer dating places.

It caters for singles with herpes and STD. Moreover, it has received media publications like AOL, Forbes, among others. Although it’s exclusively a sexually transmitted disease dating site, the herpes singles dominate the site. Herpes positive have over 70% of the membership. It’s one site with friendly and active members making it easy to find a significant other.

Over the years, the site has recorded high success ration of individuals finding their true love. And this has happened thanks to the member’s dedication. Also, members embrace a positive mind-set when seeking potential partners.

PositiveSingles has thousands of individuals living with herpes finding their life partners. Besides, it costs only $29.95 every month for members to enjoy exclusive services.

Unique Features

  • It has Android and IOS dating apps for mobile users.
  • Has Herpes Support Forum, Live Herpes Adviser, Herpes Cure, and Treatment Center. Also, it has a Live Dating Adviser and Herpes Care Location.
  • The “Lets Meet” feature enables members to intermingle through swiping right or left.
  • It has a robust and yet simple interface design.


PositiveSingles has the perfect features to meet your partner without fear of prejudice.

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#2 MPWH (4.5/5)

herpes dating sites freeRanking closely behind the top contender, MPWH prides on being an exclusive site for herpes. It’s a site that provides dating facilities and comfort for people living with herpes. Known as Meet People with Herpes, the site caters for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 individuals. Moreover, it has a robust community from various parts of the world. It’s a site that helps an individual make the perfect love choice since it’s free from discrimination.

As a lifestyle dating niche, it charges users $19.95 monthly for the Mobile and PC Site. And for the Android app, the charges range from $33.99 regularly to connect and use its robust premium features

Top Features

  • It has “Who likes you” and “Lets Meet” pages hence becoming the real deal-breaker
  • For the premium members, they enjoy instant messaging and online chatting
  • It has forums and blogs for giving and getting support
  • Ability to send wick to people whom you like


MPWH provides the best platform to connect with other like-minded individuals within your comfort.

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3# H-Date (4.3/5)

herpes dating sites free bestH-Date.Com provides its members with a safe place to date without fear. It’s an exclusive site for people living with HPV and herpes simplex virus.

Moreover, it’s a free site with robust free features and support services. Joining the site is quite simple since it has an intuitive website design. The site has many unique features that provide the best way to date and meet your life partner. Besides, it also provides users with tons of information on herpes condition.

Top Features

  • Free photo-sharing and Winks
  • It has free email alerts and replays options
  • Has a “unique voting pool” and the” members hotlist.”


With tons of information, H-Date makes the perfect site to learn and mingle with like-minded individuals.

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#4 MeetPositives (4.0/5)

herpes dating sites joined the online dating world recently, but it came with loads of amazing features. It exclusively caters to individuals living with sexually transmitted diseases. Some notable types of STDs include HIV, HSV, among others.

Singles living with an STD can join and feel comfortable looking for a partner. Moreover, it’s a site with educative materials that enables its members to understand their condition. Also, members understand each other status hence dating without any judgment. It has both paid and free membership with the paid one enabling members to contact each other.

Top Features

  • It has supportive and educational blogs and forums
  • The dedicated help center gives motivation and support to its members.
  • Come with an instant messenger
  • The Android and IOS apps provide on the move connection


With the safe connect features, members can call and chat with others in a protected and straightforward manner.

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#5 HSVSingles (3.9/5)

singles with herpes dating sitesThe gives HSV singles with an opportunity to mingle and find partners. It’s easy to navigate and use website with an attractive layout. Moreover, it has thousands of members both in paid and free channels looking to intermingle. Additionally, it provides a flexible payment option for a 1-year subscription of $89.99. For the monthly payments, the rate starts from $24.99.

Top Features

  • It has the “Send Flirt” feature that allows quick sending of note to someone picture
  • The Rapid Match enables the members to rapidly reply with “maybe” “yes” or “no.”
  • For the paying members, they can access the chat room. Besides, they can hide their profiles and access the forum


Although the paying members enjoy more features than the free ones, it’s a friendly website to explore and intermingle.

visit hsvsingles

#6 HerpesAnonymous (3.6/5)

positive herpes dating sitesSince its inception in 2008, the site has provided free dating services to its members. It has a large community of HSV singles. Moreover, it gives its herpes members with educative forums, blogs, and groups. Additionally, it also updates the recent news on matters about HSV keeping its members well informed.

Top Features

  • It’s a free site to join.
  • High privacy protection since only members can view their content
  • It has top educational and informative blogs and forums


Although the site has few registered members, it’s best for starters in the world of HSV dating. Also, it has educative and informative forums and blogs.

visit HerpesAnonymous

#7 BlackHerpesDating (3.4/5)

online herpes dating sites

Exclusively for black people, the site provides exceptional dating platforms for HSV positives. It’s a new website aiming to bring black people living with herpes together. Moreover, it has an intuitive design that makes it look fun and vibrant. With a supportive support system, the website aims at providing the perfect chance of finding love and romance. Additionally, the site has both free and paid subscriptions.

Top Features

  • It has a flirt features for a quicker way of connecting with everyone
  • Comes with a by location and Interest browsing features
  • The “who’s online” feature shows the list of all members online at a given time


As a newcomer in the herpes dating market, the site has done a terrific job of fulfilling its member’s missions. It’s a site to join for black people living with herpes looking for romance and love.

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visit BlackHerpesDating

#8 HWerks (3.1/5)

best herpes dating sitesHWerks provides exclusive dating services to people living with herpes. It has a sensitive environment that allows the members to connect without fear. Moreover, it gives members a one-time sigh-up expense of $30. Additionally, the site doesn’t allow free profiles to keep off fake members.

Top Features

  • It has updated blogs with tons of information on Herpes medical developments.
  • HWerks recognizes the need for local groups and HPV support groups within different localities
  • It alerts its members on National Events giving them a chance to socialize


With tons of educative and informative blogs and alerts, the HWerks website provides a platform to socialize.

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visit HWerks

#9 HerpesPassions (3.0/5)

genital herpes dating sites for singlesHerpes Passions has brought positive experiences to herpes positive through its exclusive dating site. It’s a herpes dating and networking website. Moreover, it boasts of having a unique and well-coordinated website layout. Additionally, it charges only $4.95 monthly, providing privacy protection to its members’ information. Also, it has a unique feature that allows members to join different online networking sites. Members can choose any interconnecting site that caters to their interests.

Top Features

  • It has STD support forums and blogs
  • The chat rooms have instant messengers
  • Members can enjoy games, videos, e-books and podcast


With its affordable pricing plan, herpes passions have provided the perfect platform for its members to find friendship and love. It also acts as a networking platform to connect its members to other dating websites.

visit HerpesPassions

Dating With Genital Herpes

Learning your herpes condition may become devastating. That becomes true when you’re dating and love life becomes a flux. Finding true love becomes hectic and disappointing. However, with the above dating sites, it’s easy to connect with someone who understands and embraces your status.

Being Open about your Condition

Being open about your new condition to your partner provides the best channel for communication. Learning to share your joys, pains, and fears helps you to enjoy the happiness and sadness of the moments. Learn to appreciate your partner’s condition and help them to overcome mood change. Additionally, it’s essential to advise your partner when the symptoms have recurred to protect them from infections.

Being Intimate

Being intimate with herpes may become hard since the fears of infection may overtake the joy of intimacy. However, with proper medication and taking preventive measures, you can enjoy a healthy sexual life.

For sexually active individuals living with genital herpes, you need to embrace using condoms to prevent transmitting herpes. Moreover, avoid having oral or sexual contacts during herpes outbreaks. Also, take antiviral medication to suppress your herpes virus. Embrace using dental dams for oral sex to enjoy safer intercourse. And prevent yourselves from getting oral herpes.

Also, using preventive measures protects you from spreading or receiving herpes. It may be oral or genital herpes. Practicing safe and enjoyable sex with your partner is a perfect choice. It is ideal for enjoying a happy and fulfilling sexual relationship.

Understanding Herpes Dating Sites

The dating world has revolutionized opening doors to exclusive niches for people living with herpes. Such niche websites work in a way that enables like-minded people to connect and find companions and love. Furthermore, the various top niches have different features that cater to individual needs in the dating world. They have a platform that provides incredible dating experience without unfavorable discriminations.

Moreover, the sites have active members who keep the platforms alive while they search for love. Additionally, some sites allow the members to share their journey hence encourage others. The forms, blogs, live support, and educative information, keep the members updated with the recent happenings. An individual can join the site by registering on any of the above websites and filling up their details. You can choose between free and paid subscriptions.

Opening Up Genital Herpes Dating Sites

Opening up an account is straightforward and easy. All the website uses the highest technology software’s to keep their client’s information protected. To open your profile, you need your locality, herpes status, name, and age. Next, write an alluring and eye-catching description that fits your needs and desires. Also, add the latest photo showcasing your beauty but follow the requirements of the site. Lastly, submit your filled profile for approval; some may take minutes while others take days. Each site has different requirements for vetting new members.

Furthermore, to join the paid subscription membership wait until your profile is approved. The above dating with herpes sites ensures their client’s information is private and protected from hacking. Additionally, they have policies that prevent their members from discrimination and abuses. Also, only registered members can connect with you and view your profile.

Being diagnosed with herpes should not prevent you from loving and being loved. Embrace your life, your status, and join the above dating sites to find your soul mate. Sometimes the life burdens lead to the correct path of life. Don’t let your status fears prevent you from joining a stigmatization free community full of love and support. Join any of the above genital herpes dating sites today and enjoy the power of love.















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