Why Aren't Women More Active On Herpes Dating Sites When They're More Likely To Be Infected Than Men

Forty-two million Americans would be in for an unpleasant surprise if they were tested for genital herpes at their next visit to the doctor. That's the estimated number of Americans who have genital herpes, or HSV-2, and don't realize they are infected. It is estimated that the same number are aware they have herpes. That's 1 in every 4 sexually active teens and adults..

Genital Herpes, HSV-2, is the most prevalent viral STD in every developed nation. It is incurable, but not life threatening, and in many cases nothing more than a mild inconvenience. About one in five sexually active teens and adults have genital herpes. However, the infection is not evenly shared between the sexes. Approximately 1 in 4 women, or 25%, have genital herpes, while just 20% of the male population, or 1 in 5, are infected.

If more women are positive for genital herpes, why are memberships in genital herpes dating sites three men to every woman registered? There have been no studies to determine why women, who represent the larger percentage of a population infected, are not proportionally represented on herpes dating websites. With no scientific data to refer to, I have to use conjecture to try and explain this phenomenon.

I suspect part of the reason men outnumber women on herpes dating websites may be that many women who are infected are unaware they carry the virus. This though would represent a small percentage of the discrepancy.

A larger portion of the discrepancy may be that a greater number of women with herpes choose to stay in bad relationships because their partners, who also have herpes, are accepting of their condition. Rather than have to discuss their situation with a new partner, risking rejection or even ridicule, they resign themselves to the fact that what they have may not be ideal, but is the better option. Of course a woman should never stay in a bad relationship whether her partner has herpes or not. However, in a relationship in which both parties have herpes it's easy to put one's condition out of mine... until its time to break up. Entering the dating scene again can be scary to contemplate, so the status quo is maintained. This would be the ideal time for a woman to look into herpes dating sites where there is an online community of non-judgemental people willing to welcome her and offer support rather than rejection.

So why don't women join these supportive, online communities where other herpes positive people can be found?.

As a man I can say with confidence we're less likely to be apologetic about our condition. If 25% of all teens and adults have herpes, and 42 million Americans are not even aware they have been infected by the virus, our being infected is no cause to feel ashamed. That said, many herpes positive women I've talked with have not even researched online dating options because they feel they're alone, or one among a small group. Their mind set is that they've been cursed and dating is now out of the question. They believe the stigma of herpes or any STD is shameful, so go into a self imposed social exile. To those women I'd like to reiterate that herpes affects at least 1 in 4 women in the USA. It's doubtful those millions upon millions of women, who come from every walk of life imaginable, were all sexually irresponsible, promiscuous or in any way responsible for their infection. Women need to accept they have genital herpes, that it's one of those things life confronts everyone with... and move on. I appreciate a woman may not feel comfortable moving on in the same way as before she was infected, but life does not need to stop. Again, 25% of the adolescent and adult population in the USA shares your condition. You are not unique!!!

A final reason I suspect women shy away from herpes dating sites is because they perceive them to be where desperate social pariahs go to depress each other by discussing their infection, what to do when they have break outs, and how to deal with rejection when dating and it's time for "the talk". True, these discussions take place, but in a support and advice role, not as a collective "Why me?" scenario. Dating within a community of people who have a common connection is more likely to build up a woman's self confidence to stated dating with herpes rather than bring her down. Try it!.

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